Our mission

As cosmetic manufacturer United Brands is outfitter of the fiercest army in the world: Women. To meet their demands is a challenge we have learnt to strive for. By developing more world novelties than any other company in the cosmetic business United Brands has proven that they understand what this striving is truly about:  Evolution.


As a family company, owned and founded by Mr. David J. Kohen, United Brands does not only follow the guidelines given by the government, but also those given by him and his experience after over 25 years in the cosmetic market. Having quite the immigration story themselves, offering equal opportunities to each and every one of their employees is one of the main principles the Kohen-Family runs their company by. That principle, among many others, has effortlessly made United Brands to a truly multinational company. We have made a habit out of supporting and shaping talented young women and men from all around the world into the best they can be and treating them according to their effort.

“In our company you don’t need a known family name or a certain ethnicity. Every single one of our employees has equal opportunities and I’m filling every position considering performance, not origin, gender or possible affiliation with us.”  


In a market, as highly controversial as the cosmetic market, we have learned to take the responsibility that comes with a role in it very serious.  Our Products have never and will never be tested on animals. They do not content any animal derived ingredient and are also produced in an ecofriendly manner. We respect every kind of religion, so our production runs for example according to Halal awareness, which makes us not only a rarity in this business but also proves that we do not only care about the end-result, the product, but also about how we accomplished it.  


As a manufacturer with its own production facilities we have not only a responsibility towards our clients but also towards our workers, especially for those working in the production itself. Outsourcing and by that exploiting production-workers in countries without any minimum wage has never been an option for United Brands. By offering products with high quality, but at competitive prices, we do not skimp on our employees, but care not only for their standards but also for their health (e.g. with special matts reducing the burden on the body when standing next to the machines for several hours).

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