We began by producing quality packaging for color cosmetics and finally made the significant step of establishing our own laboratories for the production of cosmetic formulas for the purpose of fulfilling the desires of our many customers to provide one stop service: packaging in both metal and plastic, bulk color cosmetics, assembly, labeling and filling, all done in one location in our factory in GERMANY. The obvious result for our many clients was the relief of the endless details surrounding the production of any new product.

Our mission is creation of new, exciting products for our private label customers - namely to the cosmetic industry. Like our SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR SYSTEM, which was in Research and Development over a decade before we were satisfied that we had the best 100% WATERBASED color transfer system in the world for this type of product. Yes, we created wonderful products and watched our ideas work in the only place that really matters, the world’s marketplaces.

Eventually, we decided to take the next logical step of offering our own brand name products to CHAIN & DRUGSTORES in Europe and North America, since we were the source of so much success for others.

Since the introduction of our finished goods division, we have enjoyed remarkable success in the Drug Stores, Department Stores, Mass Market Retailers and the Perfumeries of Europe, Asia and America. Our brands like MARBELLA or EXXTREME are becoming well known all over the world. Which brings us to you, dear honored visitor to our Website. To put it simply: We are seeking Distributors and Trading Partners in ASIA and different countries of EUROPE as well in JAPAN.

At this point, we have wonderful products and the growing number of our clients requires a tight distribution net on a worldwide basis. If you are a distributor or have contacts in the Drug Stores, Department Stores, Mass Market Retailers or Perfumeries in your country, perhaps the time is right for you to take advantage of our capabilities to produce products that are sure winners.

The opportunity is there. If you are interested, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities, which we assure you are vast and very real. We have our own brand names to offer and we also have the ability to satisfy your desire for a brand name of your own or that of your customer. This is our specialty and we stand ready to work with any serious party to explore the options that are always open to the bold and daring.

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